• 14 E. 23rd St.
  • New York, NY
  • USA

One last wild ride, dear friends. Soon the weather will trap us in our snuggies and glue mugs of hot cider to our palms.


But not yet. One last night in New York's only private dance party in public spaces. One last dance apocalypse to melt ourselves down to the basest of ingots and rebuild ourselves in the image of something greater.


We always say dress fancy, but this time we expect the balls-to-the-walls treatment. Halloween finery, my merry ghosts and ghouls. Just remember that you'll be dancing at top speed and sweating through that makeup. Also make with the running shoes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE as always. Like seriously, guys.

Let's dance. Outside. In Halloween costumes. November 1. Meet up at Live Bait (14 E. 23rd) starting at 8:00pm for drink specials and accessories. Transform into a dance monster at 10:00pm.