• 230 E. 51st St.
  • New York, NY 10022
  • USA

August 28th and 30th. Our first ever two day Float. Double the flavor, double the funk. Did we mention it's also our anniversary? Three years of FLOAT. Two days of FLOAT. We think that adds up to six times the dance power, but we're not so good math. Dance parties. That's what we're at good. The thing at which we are good. Grab your tickets now!


What The Float has set its sights on Manhattan's easternmost nooks and crannies. We'll be starting at POP, 230 E 51st St. at 8:00pm. Drink specials until 9:30. Dancing at 10:00. Let's double do this thing. Happy anniversary to us. Traditionally, this one's the leather anniversary. Just sayin'