We've got one last ride for you, and this one's something we've NEVER DONE BEFORE.


We're gonna be a parade Float. Not a regular old parade float, a What The Float parade Float. A dancing, twirling, glowing, tutu'd Float.


This is a COMPLETELY FREE EVENT. One final treat for everybody who's shared this journey with us the last six months, the last five years.


In a couple days we'll be posting a download link of new jams courtesy of Baby Oil Danger, Pretty Boy J, and more. Get the music and upload it onto your phone. WE WILL NOT BE PROVIDING HEADSETS, SO YOU MUST DOWNLOAD YOURSELF!

Between 5:30 and 6:00 we'll meet up at the corner Varick and Broome and line up in our parade spot.

As one, we will press play and allow the spirit of the dance to transport us far beyond the confines of our mortal bodies and into the FLOAT.

After dancing our way up 6th Ave. in the parade, the Float will conclude around 8:00pm. Our official afterparty is the Exquisite Corpse Company's BURY Y'ER DEAD. Join us there and keep your glow necklaces from the Float for $5 off the door price. Yay dancing!