• Union Square (map)
  • Union Square West
  • New York, NY, 10003
  • United States

It's been, uh... it's been an, uh, interesting couple of years. A lot of us have felt powerless, but November 6th is everybody's chance to make a difference. Vote. Make a difference.

But then... maybe don't spend your whole day obsessing over it? Maybe take five minutes or an hour or all day to dance out some of that stress and anxiety and fear for the future?

That sounds like a nice break to us. So we're doing it. All day. For free.

What The Float is bringing a heap of silent disco headphones to Union Square, and our DJs are going to play some great music on three different live channels, and we're going to dance (WEATHER PERMITTING). Come borrow a pair of headphones, or bring your own playlist and dance to the beat of your own drum. If you want to DJ for a bunch of stressed out strangers, bring your deck and we'll plug you in for a set. We'll set up as soon as the early afternoon rainstorms end (no earlier than noon, probably around 4:00pm), and be there until polls close at 9:00pm (or the rain starts up again). All you need to bring is an ID or credit credit to hold as collateral while you've got the headphones.

Afterwards from 9:00pm-12:00am, we’ll have an (also free) afterparty to watch (or not watch) the returns at Caveat at 21 A Clinton Street.

If you do one thing on November 6th, vote. If you do two things though, why not Float?

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