Welcome to the rabbit hole, friends. We can't wait to take you on a silent mobile dance odyssey. Float will completely change the way you interact with your city, and it will unleash the bad self you didn't know you've been hiding from polite company. Here, in six easy steps, is everything you need to know in order to FLOAT:

1. Save Money With Advance TICKETS

The first block of tickets is just twenty dollars(!), but as each Float approaches, the prices will rise, peaking at $40 at the door. In New York, you can now buy a season pass.

2. Dress Yourself Appropriately

Attire yourself appropriately for epic dancing. WEAR COMFORTABLE, RUNNING-FRIENDLY SHOES. Seriously. Costumes, makeup, anything glowing, normcore, whatever. Look like your bad self.

3. Ready Your Mind And Body For The Experience

Drink responsibly. Responsibly. WEAR COMFY SHOES suitable for dancing, running, jumping, and climbing. Stretch. Hydrate. Round up all your cool friends. Also round up your lame friends. Make them wear comfortable shoes too.

4. Join us

Join us at [TOP SECRET EVER-CHANGING DRINKING ESTABLISHMENT] to prepare the preparations and avail yourself of drink specials if you so choose. Yes, there's time to mingle. Or simply relax in the calm before the storm.

5. Dance

We'll lead you on an epic, one-of-a-kind dance party adventure through parks, plazas, and streets of a new neighborhood and new music each month. Explore and conquer the city as you've never experienced it before.

6. Don't Stop 

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