• Porter's of Federal Hill (map)
  • 1032 Riverside Ave
  • Baltimore, MD, 21230
  • United States

Summer’s over. Time to spend the rest of your boring, gray life indoors. Right? Wrong. It’s time to take back the streets the way Bowie and Jagger would have wanted - with dancing. Probably still want. Hard to say.

We’re taking you on a DANCE ODYSSEY. On September 6th, you’re going to create private dance floors in the public spaces of downtown Baltimore.

Floating dance parties have been happening across the globe for years, but as far as we can tell, no one’s had the balls to do it in Baltimore. This is your night.

What The Float is a SILENT MOBILE RAVE. We’re going to post three mixes of MAJOR DANCE MAYHEM created by artists local, national, and international. You’re going to download them to your smartphone or mp3 player.

You’re going to meet us at Porter’s in Federal Hill at 8:00pm. The address is 1032 Riverside Ave. Dress to be seen. Where shoes you can RUN, DANCE, and CLIMB in. We’ll make sure you glow in the dark.

At 9:00pm we’ll step outside, and - as one- we’ll press play on the first mix. The groove will be loud in our ears and our hearts, but silent to any observers we may encounter. From there we’ll dance our way through the city. Your relationship with Fed Hill and the Harbor will be irrevocably altered. You will have floated.



Save the date. Tell your loved ones. Kiss them goodbye. Then bring them anyway.