• southtown plaza (map)
  • roosevelt island, nyc
  • usa

You may have played it in your elementary school gym class but till you've played it with us, you've still not played Capture the Flag. Join us as New York’s Roosevelt Island becomes a giant playground where stealth and speed will aid you as you take captives, guard your territory, free your friends from peril, and battle to capture the most flags.

WAIT! WHAT IS THIS NOW? (For the CTF noobs)
It's an insane good time! Each team has its own territory with a boundary and a jail in which they put prisoners they catch in their territory. A team wins the game by capturing the most flags and bringing them back to their own territory.

The event happens on Roosevelt Island, access is available via the F train or the Roosevelt Island Tram (at 60th Street and 2nd Ave). We will meet at Southtown Plaza (a public plaza located next to the F Train Subway station, in between Duane Reade and Starbucks)

The next game is September 20th. Check in begins at 11:00am and the reading of the rules and territory assignment begins at 11:30am. Gameplay will begin shortly after.

Preceding the event, you will be send your team color. For identification purposes, you will need to dress in your given color on the day of the event. Maps will be available online once bookings close with each team's territory and jail marked on it.

This is a rain or shine event, dress appropriately and have your running shoes on. The event will include activity which may be physically strenuous and is intended for those who are in good health.


Tickets can be purchased here!