• Haus of Float (map)
  • Harlem
  • New York, NY
  • United States

Our first house party was such a blast we just had to do it again. We’re refitting the Haus of Float for another night of dancin' and romancin' on Saturday, February 9th. It’s the last weekend before Valentine’s Day, so it’s your last chance to make like Freddie and find somebody somebody somebody somebody to love. Even if you've already got your Valentine lined up, bring 'em out to dance the night away under the clouds, crawl into the ball pit, and vibe out in the room bed.


We’ve been to the heart of Times Square and down into the center of Grand Central Station. We’ve locked horns with the FiDi bull and taken over parks, bars, movie theaters, gyms, hotels, and more. Floating Dance Parties are just about the most public a spectacle you can make of yourself.

But some nights aren’t for meant prying eyes. Some nights are just for us. HAUS PARTY is one such night. We’re holing up in a giant empty Harlem apartment, and we’re making it weird. Half high school house party, half wild bacchanal, half grand ball, half what the float was that? It’s got a lotta halves. Come on in, kick your shoes off, and make yourself at home, ya big weirdo. Rotating cast of the Float DJs you know and love. Three channels of silent disco, throughout the apartment, but one DJ in each room, and each room its own vibe. Plus more spaces to relax. Red solo cups and snacks. Dancing and debauchery all night and into the morning. Come be our Valentine :3

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Even though we’re not going to a bar, this is STILL a 21+ event. Bring a friend, bring a date, but What The Float is a tight-knit community and this is a residential building, so do think before you invite. Consent is both sexy and mandatory. Get ready to take your shoes off. Tickets are nonrefundable and will sell out. Address will be released with ticket purchase. Shoes off, please.