• Gold Star Bar (map)
  • 1755 West Division Street
  • Chicago, IL, 60622
  • United States

After years of requests, we’re finally here. We’ve got some amazing adventures we can’t wait to share with you. Chicago, you deserve a Floating Dance Party.

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What's a “floating dance party”, you ask? It's kind of like a dance club, except without walls, borders, or limits. It's mind-expanding, heart-pumping, booty-shaking glory. It's all the best parts of dancing on your own or being part of a giant rave, with none of the downsides of either. It’s tough to explain. It looks a little like this:

We'll meet at [TOP SECRET STARTING LOCATION TBA] no later than 8:30pm for drinks and check-in, but from there we’ll explore the night and the city as the music inspires us, dancing through streets, plazas, parks, and more. The music will be piped directly into your brains via our GLOWING HEADPHONES. To everyone else, we'll seem completely silent. All of Chicago will become an endless surreal dancefloor, the mild-mannered will become fearless booty-shaking superstars, and the night will be ours. You will experience the streets of the city in entirely new ways. The power of the FLOAT will swell within you, and you’ll give yourself entirely to the dance in a way you never dreamed was possible.

Get Tickets!


1. RSVP YES, YESYESYES, or HELL YES on the Facebook event. Pass the info on to EVERYONE you think deserves to be happy, at least for one night. Text your friends. Email them. Pester them face to face. This is the most important thing that will ever happen.

2. Buy a ticket once they go on sale later this summer.

3. READY YOUR MINDS AND BODIES FOR THE EXPERIENCE. Please ready your minds and bodies responsibly. Stretch. Hydrate. Dress to move. WEAR COMFORTABLE MOTHERFLOATING SHOES so you can dance and run and jump and climb. This is not the time for cute heels or strappy sandals; you will regret them. Dress as fancy as you wanna. We’ll make you glow.

4. Meet us at the bar early, early, early for drinks and camaraderie, where we'll set you up with a pair of our glowing headphones. If you are late, you may, unfortunately, be left behind!

5. At 9:00pm SHARP, we'll step outside, where the shared musical experience will swell within us, and the dance will lead us into the night. We’ll lead on an adventure through the city’s hidden gems and the inner reaches of your soul. Don’t worry, you’ll get breaks to rehydrate, and at the end of the night you’ll find yourself back where you start, but irrevocably changed for the better. Get hype.

The fine print:

All tickets are nonrefundable. We Float rain or shine. What The Float is an age 21+ event.