It was a very good year. Two coasts. Fourteen nights of dancing. Six different DJs, six Float Planners, four photographers, two drivers, and many more donating their time and energy. And hundreds of beautiful amazing fantastic Floaters. We met lots of brave as hell Float Virgins, and so many of you have come back time and again. We couldn't be more grateful to you. You are Float. You really are.

Bowie dances on the Promenade

Every month I got to walk among the kindest, bravest, most generous, outgoing people in the world. I started doing this because I needed to make something good. I keep doing it so you can make something good. Good and true and right and revelatory. Whether you only came once and just slightly expanded the story of your life, or you've been coming twice a month for years, you've changed us - and the world - for the better. You've touched us, and each other, and the thousands who've had their nights changed by our merry ball of chaos. 

What the Flota_10.15.16-120.jpg

I would say I'll miss you all. But I won't. Well, I'll miss you. But not for long. We've got one last little shindig planned for 2016, and we're cooking up some indoor action for the cold months of 2017, before we can get back to what we do best in May of 2017. In the meantime, we want to make you an even bigger part of Float. There's so much that needs to be done, and we think you'd be great at it. We need DJs, we need photographers, we need drivers, we need designers and artists (yes merch is coming, we swear), we need just watchful eyes at each Float to make sure everything is going smoothly, and we very, very much need ambassadors to spread the gospel of Float. We want New York and Seattle to be bigger than ever next year. We want to expand our tour next year to hit Chicago, and Colorado, and Boston. We want to rebuild What The Float: LA stronger and take our antics to college campuses. No matter what your skill set, there are things you can do to help. Let us know if you're ready to become a bigger part of dance mayhem. You can email us at, you can reach out to @WhatTheFloat on all social media, you fill out the contact form on this website, you can even leave a comment right below this very blog post. You'll never be a stranger to us, so don't feel as though you ought to act one.



Henry Floatinger

Float Criminal