We're teaming with Forward Flux to bring Float to Seattle for the first time! Join us July 31st in Capitol Hill. Tickets now on sale! MIXES NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD BELOW! Download 'em, upload 'em to your mp3 player or phone, but DON'T LISTEN OR YOU WILL RUIN THE SPONTANEOUS VIRGINAL JOY OF THE FIRST TIME LISTENING EXPERIENCE. Seriously, don't do it.

Once at the venue (drinks - duh), you will be greeted by your Float Captain. At go time, everyone hits play at once and follows the Captain through the streets dancing the entire way. There are planned rest stops, and amazing look out locations synced with the music. You will meet new friends, and make connections with total strangers as our pop-up party parade makes its way through Capitol Hill. Learn more about Float here.


If you cannot download the music in advance, it is possible to stream it from the below links. Downloading in advance is more reliable with better sound quality, so we HIGHLY recommend doing it ahead of time and NOT WAITING TO THE LAST MINUTE LIKE A LAST MINUTE-WAITING PERSON.